The Napa Valley College Police Department is part of the Student Services Unit at Napa Valley College.  NVCPD is staffed Monday through Friday, 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday 7:00am to 7:30pm. NVCPD handles most reports of criminal behavior and emergencies on campus and coordinates assistance and investigation with outside agencies as necessary. NVCPD employs police officers (830.32 PC) and campus services officers (CSOs) to deliver public safety services to the campus community.


Our goal is to provide timely and appropriate responses to campus community problems and needs.

Napa Valley College Police Department's officers may work in uniform or plain-clothes. Officers provide a full range of police related services, including: primary emergency responses; preventative patrol; initial investigation of reported or suspected crimes; enforcement of all applicable laws; follow-up and specialized criminal investigations; crime prevention; community liaison and relations; special event security; traffic activities (enforcement and accident investigations); parking enforcement; and, on occasion, campus escorts of students, faculty, or staff.

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are part-time employees or students. They wear dark gray shirts with a distinctive CSO patch on the arm. CSOs perform specialized services, such as parking enforcement, campus building security checks/unlocks/lock-ups, and occasional campus escorts.