Welcome New Students!

Applications for admission to Napa Valley College are accepted at any time for any future semester. All Students must complete the 5-Steps to Enroll in order to successfully enroll at NVC. This includes orientation, assessment and an abbreviated educational plan. Students who are enrolling for personal development may complete only Steps 1 and 5: Apply for Admission and Register and Pay for Classes. Please know if you choose this option you will not earn your registration priority. You will have the lowest priority (Priority G) when registering each term.

The following steps are required for all prospective students, who wish to earn priority registration status. This is particularly important for a student with goals to obtain a degree, to get a certificate or to transfer.

Important Application Update

Admissions Applications are currently being processed manually. To ensure your application is processed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your admissions application was submitted to Napa Valley College via CCCApply. You will know you have submitted an application because you will see the confirmation number (App ID) in your CCCApply account. If you do not see this number, you will need to restart the application and submit. You will also receive a confirmation email from CCCApply. The follow up letter sent by the student information system is currently not sent automatically. A personalized email will be sent manually by Welcome Center staff after your application has been manually entered and your student ID is generated.
  2. Send your confirmation number (App ID) or pdf of application to welcomecenter@napavalley.edu.
  3. Due to manually processing this may take 2-3 business days. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email with your student information and next steps.
  4. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Welcome Center via email welcomecenter@napavalley.edu or stop by their office in the lobby of the 1300 building.
  5. We thank you for your patience as we work to restore this automated process.

Step 1 Apply 


Admissions and Records, (707) 256-7201​

Complete the online Application for Admission >>​

Complete the online Application for Admission by selecting the “Enroll Now” link at www.napavalley.edu . Be prepared to choose an educational goal and program of study.
You will receive a “Welcome to NVC” email and a second email with information about your student ID and how to sign on to MyNVC Mini Portal (
mynvc.napavalley.edu ) to set up your Self-Service account first.                                                                                                       
If you have questions on how to sign on to your MyNVC Mini Portal, please email us at welcomecenter@napavalley.edu, or stop by their office in the lobbyt of the 1300 building.
Step 2 Orientation



Take the online orientation session >>​

Complete the online orientation session on MyNVC Mini-Portal. Click on the Canvas Online link and you will land at the sign in page. You will sign in using your NVC username and password. If you have problems logging in to the orientation or navigating its content, please visit the Welcome Center or email WelcomeCenter@napavalley.edu. All students must complete an online orientation, regardless of educational goal or major.

Step 3 Placement


Testing and Tutoring Center​
​(707) 256-7437

Visit Testing and Tutoring Center >>

Determine your English and math placement by completing the online NVC Placement Tools. Obtain a copy of your high school transcript so you are prepared to answer questions about your high school performance. Please contact the Testing and Tutoring Center at (707) 256-7437 or by email ttc@napavalley.edu for questions.

Step 4 Counseling


Counseling Center
(707) 256-7220

Visit Counseling Center >>​

All new students must complete an abbreviated (one semester) Ed Plan. New first year students
must declare a major by the completion of 15 units and develop a Comprehensive Education
Plan by 30 units. Check the Counseling website for drop-in hours.
Students with IEPs and 504 Plans should contact the DSPS Office at (707) 256-7345 or at

Step 5 Register and Pay


Register through WebAdvisor >>​


Complete online class registration through MyNVC Self-Service (Student Planning), available up to midnight before the first day of classes. All students register according to their A-G priority registration date. Once the class has started, students will need to request an Add Code from their instructor to register. Late-start classes have different registration dates. Please refer to the Admissions and Records website (www.napavalley.edu/admissions).

Payment is due immediately following registration. Students can be dropped for nonpayment. Please refer to the Pay to Stay website for grace periods. Contact the Cashiers Office at (707) 256-7188.