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How to Do Research

typewriter with "http" typed 

What is information literacy? 

Information literacy is the ability to identify an information need, locate information efficiently, evaluate information, and use information effectively.





















Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO)

Critical Thinking & Information Competency: 

Students who receive a degree from Napa Valley College will be able to:  

- Read and interpret college- level  texts

- Conduct research and obtain information from reliable sources

- Differentiate between facts, influences, assumptions, and conclusions

- Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information

- Cite sources correctly, using established formats/standards   Apply logic to draw conclusions

- Conduct calculations and solve problems using quantitative reasoning  

- Interpret visual information conveyed through images, graphs, charts, and diagrams

- Demonstrate technological fluency  

- Evaluate alternatives, anticipate possible outcomes, and make informed decisions