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Classified Senate

Classified Senate: Employee of the Month

Previous Employees of the Month

March/April 2017


February 2017

Ian Holbrook                   Warehouse Operations Tech


M'Kormik Hamilton

Secretary, Arts & Humanities

November/December 2016         N/A 

October 2016
Chanthara (Tara) Soungpanya
Learning Resources

September 2016
Melissa Grubbs

August 2016
Greg Siewert

July 2016
Dixie Larson
Admissions & Records

June 2016
Irene Avina
Custodial Services

May 2016
Joann Stubitsch
Upper Valley Campus

April 2016
Matt Souza
Facilities / Mail Room

March 2016
Sandy Ross
Library & Learning Resources

February 2016
Mike Ronald
PE and Athletics

January 2016
Rene Rubio

December 2015
Mary Profitt
Financial Aid

November 2015
Solange Kada
Administrative Services

October 2015
Hoyt Maddox
Sergeant, College Police

September 2015
Ana Montanez
Custodial Services

August 2015
Valerie Exum
Instructional Assistant, BCS

July 2015
Choolwe Kalulu
Media Services    

June 2015
Jeremy Ecklin
Testing & Tutoring Center

May 2015
Margarita Ceja
Admissions & Records Specialist

April 2015
Mary Manning
Financial Aid Technician

March 2015
Veronica Gomez
Student Services Specialist

February 2015
Vicky Tharp
Instructional Assistant, Writing Center

January 2015
Bob Lortz
Student Services Specialist

December 2014
Amy Guan
Learning Resources Assistant

November 2014
Quy Vu

October 2014
Vicki Tevlin
Secretary, Office of Instruction

September 2014
Gina Stofan
Secretary, LADS

August 2014
Jen Tronstad
Instructional Assistant, Learning Services

July 2014
Karen Smith
Computer Support Technician, IT

June 2014
Brooke Jackson
Instructional Assistant, CJT

May 2014
Sue McNerney-Simich
Secretary, Health Occupations

April 2014
Rosie Carver
Secretary, Career/Transfer Center

March 2014
Stacy Hitchcock
Secretary, Technical Division

February 2014
Rick Foley
Printing Services Technician, Printing

January 2014
Carolyn Sanchez
Secretary, Learning Resources/Library